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May 13, 2017

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100 Pittsburgh restaurants offer UberEATS

M. J. Slaby
May 4, 2017

We knew it was coming, but UberEATS is officially here.

The food delivery service launches today with roughly 100 Pittsburgh restaurants and the same “speed, convenience and reliability” that’s expected of Uber, said Casey Verkamp, UberEATS general manager for Pittsburgh.

UberEATS is already in more than 80 cities around the world, Verkamp said during a media briefing Wednesday. Last week, the delivery service launched in Boston and Montreal, and this week, it’s Mumbai and Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh is known for its food and tech scenes, and UberEATS is the delivery service “to match,” Verkamp said.

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Pittsburgh’s East End Brewing’s Crafts and Drafts pairs artisans and local beers

Chris Toggery
May 9, 2017

A couple years ago, local artist Matt Buchholz approached  East End Brewing Co. owner Scott Smith with a collaboration idea. 

On the surface, it seems an odd coupling: Smith makes craft beer; Buchholz takes old maps and digitally adds “monsters and robots and all sorts of cool sci-fi stuff” for his art, he says. 
Different skill sets, to be sure, but Buchholz believed that their clientele had something in common. 

“There's an overlap between people who like craft beer and people who recognize the importance and value of shopping locally,” says Buchholz, of Friendship. “Craft beer isn't just about the way beer tastes. A lot of it is about the process of getting to know local brewers and breweries. People appreciate drinking something that comes from their neighborhood. That's true in the art world, as well.” 

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