Food Podcast: Table Magazine founder pushes to end hunger

Tribune Review

Published December 11, 2019


Table magazine founder Christina French says she knows how food can affect the sustainability of a region.

French joined Brian Gulish of the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank on this week’s Food Podcast to discuss how the idea of Table came together.

“I was trying to piece together what’s missing, why aren’t people sticking around, and why aren’t new people interested in Pittsburgh and a lot of it came down to food,” French said. “ ‘Food changes everything’ is pretty much the premise of why Table exists.”

In addition to telling Pittsburgh’s culinary story through her publication, French advocates for ending hunger.

French hosted the third annual Table Magazine Western Pennsylvania Lamb Cook-off in September. The event included 10 teams of chefs from Pittsburgh’s most prominent restaurants, preparing various lamb dishes, with proceeds benefiting the Food Bank.

“We feel like it’s our responsibility and our joy to be part of this conversation,” French said. “There’s nothing more important to us than closing the gap between those who have access to good food options, and those who have none.”


LISTEN: Table magazine founder Christina French on ending hunger

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