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Thanks for wanting to learn more about Isidore Foods - Pittsburgh's local and organic farm food delivery service.  We are helping to build the local food infrastructure in our region so our customers have a connection to local farmers and artisans.

In the beginning by David Eson (Owner and Founder)

About Isidore Foods

The business idea for forming Isidore Foods LLC came in 2006.  I wanted to start a business that strengthened Pittsburgh's local food system by connecting farmers, businesses and consumers.

During my career, the one principal lesson I learned is how much power is controlled at the retail level and how little is held by those who actually produce the food – the farmers. I learned how alternative food distribution channels, such as subscription or community supported agriculture (CSA) projects and buying clubs, could help restore that balance - and provide other benefits as well, such as:

  • protecting the environment by buying local, minimally packaged, and eco-friendly products;
  • building community by creating more direct connections between food producers and consumers;
  • reducing traffic congestion and pollution by delivering local foods on a set route;
  • educating customers about important food issues through our website and social media outlets; and
  • donating leftover food to food outreach groups and disadvantaged families.

By focusing on quality and low overhead expenses, we could avoid the cost of a commercial retail space and put those resources toward paying local farmers more for their products.  We would offer our customers the convenience of home delivery for equal to or less than what they would pay at their local grocery store. And our customers would get a year-around supply of local foods - something no one else could offer.  So we made a calculated risk and started the business.


Our first delivery was in July 2007 to 150 University of Pittsburgh customers.  As you sign up today, you will be joining hundreds of other Isidore Foods customers who have found their year-around source for Pittsburgh local food.  Working along side numerous local farms and artisans producing vegetables, fruits, dairy products and roasting coffee, local community groups and businesses, countless friends and family members, we are attempting to leverage the skills of all these partners to build a stronger food system in and around Pittsburgh.

Thanks for shopping with Isidore Foods, and tell your friends and family about us.

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Our Community Commitments
At Isidore Foods, we believe that local is best. When you buy from us, you make a difference to your local community and the environment with every purchase. We care about safe and sustainable food production systems. We believe that easy access to healthy and wholesome food, ethical products and a clean environment is a basic human right. We buy the best products for our customers, favoring those that are local and wholesome.

Beyond our commitment to offer you excellent product quality, competitive prices, and great service, we make the following commitments:

Local Purchasing - We buy from local farms and businesses wherever possible. We seek to balance the needs and wishes of our customers with local market supply and identify whether products are sourced locally in our catalog. Buying local helps to improve our local community and reduces transportation-related impacts.

Environmental Leadership - We adhere to high standards of environmental performance and make ongoing efforts to minimize waste, save energy, conserve water, and reduce all forms of pollution.

Education and Information - We provide information on key issues related to our business to our customers, so that they can make more informed choices about the products they buy. In particular, we advocate for complete and accurate labeling of all food products.

Animal Testing and Factory Farming - We are against animal testing and factory farming. We do not knowingly buy products from suppliers that engage in these activities.

Marketplace Ethics - We strive to be open and honest about all aspects of our service and products. We honor all commitments and guarantees and resolve any disputes in a fair and expedient manner. We investigate, strive to eliminate and fully inform our customers of any health, safety, environmental or other hazards posed by the normal consumption or use of our products.

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