Costa Rica Cattleya Especial
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Costa Rica Cattleya Especial

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A 19 favorite, our Costa Rican has a wonderfully rich, sweet flavor. This bright cup starts off with lemony-chocolate notes accompanied by a buttery, caramel body ending with a long-lasting chocolate finish. These beans are grown and harvested in mountains and valleys of central and western Costa Rica, in areas that are famous for their coffee production: Poas Volcano, Tarrazu, San Ramon and Heredia. Naranjo is Certified by the Rainforest Alliance and this coffee is sustainably grown.


Region: Naranjo Region

Coop, Estate, Farm: Cattleya Especial

Roast Profile: Medium

Whole bean or ground? We will send you an email confirmation that we received your order and will give you delivery directions at that time.  We will ask you whether you want whole bean or ground.  Reply to the email with your preference.

Approximate weight is 12 ounces.

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