Summer Vegetable Box - Large (One-Time Order)
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Summer Vegetable Box - Large (One-Time Order)

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This is a one-time order is available beginning the week of beginning the week of May 29, 2022 and ending the week of October 23, 2022.

You may order this box any week during this season.

Please note that there is a $5.00 surcharge on all special one-time orders. 

You will receive 13 different produce items each delivery. An order example for our summer season is Zucchini, Red Leaf Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Yams, Red Onions, Tomatoes, Carrots, Radishes, Sweet Corn, Cucumbers, Bibb Lettuce, Yellow Onions and Red Potatoes.

Items are grown on small family farms in our region which are no more than 175 miles from Pittsburgh. About 50% of the produce is grown organically but without certification, 30% grown organically with certification and 20% grown sustainably with farms using integrated pest management (low or no use of pesticides).

This box is twice the size of our small vegetable box.

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Vegetables that may appear in your box during the summer season:

Asparagus, Green Onions, Shallots, Kale, Yellow Onions, Red Potatoes, Beets, Cucumbers, Red Onions, Yukon Gold Potatoes, Zucchini, Radishes, Yams, Carrots, Red Leaf Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Baby Spinach, Baby Salad Greens, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Bibb Lettuce, Bell Peppers, Garlic, Tomatoes and Sweet Corn.

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