Decaf Royal Select Water-Processed Peru
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Decaf Royal Select Water-Processed Peru

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Unlike chemically processed decaf coffee, this coffee is decaffeinated using a totally organic method of water, steam, and extractors which removes 99.99% of caffeine. 700-1,750 meters. Wet process, patio drying. Shade grown. Solid body, very balanced flavor with a bit of a sharp finish. La Florida cooperative was established in 1965 by 100 impoverished coffee growers hoping to combine and market their coffee at better prices. Several years later the cooperative is 1900 farmers strong.


Region: Chanchamaya Valley

Coop, Estate, Farm: La Florida Cooperative

Roast Profile: Medium

Whole bean or ground? We will send you an email confirmation that we received your order and will give you delivery directions at that time.  We will ask you whether you want whole bean or ground.  Reply to the email with your preference.

Approximate weight is 12 ounces.

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