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Papua New Guinea

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This coffee is hand-picked and pulped on the same day then fermented in cement vats for 36 hours. After the fermentation process the coffee is washed with fresh mountain stream water from the nearby Aru River. The coffee is then sun dried to give it a nice, even bluish, color.


It’s grown without the use of any chemicals or fertilizers in the production process.

Good body and solid acidity, this coffee has a nice spiciness and floral quality, with strong hints of cocoa, chocolate and caramel on the finish.

Region: Eastern Highlands

Coop, Estate, Farm: Highlands Organic Agriculture Co-operative Ltd (HOAC)

Roast Profile: Medium

Whole bean or ground? We will send you an email confirmation that we received your order and will give you delivery directions at that time.  We will ask you whether you want whole bean or ground.  Reply to the email with your preference.

Approximate weight is 12 ounces.

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